Buying used heavy equipment can be a good or a bad experience, depending how you do it. If you are purchasing or are considering to do so, there are some steps that you should do before.

The best storyteller in the machine work history is the machine itself, you just need the right listener!
Fluids levels
An independent inspection report

When you hire the services to perform an independent inspection, this can help ensure that the used machinery you are buying won’t be heading to the workshop sooner than you expect.

It’s true that there are no standards for how to inspect a machine and how the reports are done, but usually the inspections are done under strict guidelines.

Pre-Operational Check

The first step is to identify all the various wear components and life cycles. This can determine how the machine was used and in what kind of environment.

Visual wear

• Visual inspection of the machine
• Fluids level, color and condition
• Check for visible leaks (Engine, transmission, differentials, hydraulic system, etc.)
• Visual wear-checks
• Check for loose or missing parts

Operational Test

The next step is to put the machine into work, kind of. This allows the machine to simulate into a working stress enviroment but using some key tips on specifics points.

Operational system
You will never imagine how many red flags this step can raise!

• Test the basic operations of the machine
• Check for unusual noises
• Check for crankcase blow-by


All findings are detailed in the report with supporting information.

• Inspection Report
• Pictures
• Videos

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