Independent heavy equipment inspection services in Europe

Inspect before you Invest!

We offer independent inspection services to determine the current condition of a machine. Our team has the experience and knowledge to provide a technical report of the visual and operational condition. Having been trained under the U.S. Standards allows us to determine if a machine has received proper maintenance throughout its service life.
Fluids level
Visual wear
Operational system
Fluids condition
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Our service starts with a Pre-Operational Check:
• Visual inspection of the machine
• Fluids level, color and condition
• Check for visible leaks (Engine, transmission, differentials, hydraulic system, etc.)
• Visual wear-checks
• Check for loose or missing parts

Once the pre-operational check has been completed we proceed to do an Operational Test:
• Test the basic operations of the machine
• Check for unusual noises
• Check for crankcase blow-by

After our team has finished inspecting the machine you will receive:
• Inspection Report
• Pictures (Normally +100 pictures)
• Videos upon request

We specialize in off-road construction equipment of all major brands in the area of the Netherlands, Belgium (North area), Germany (West area) and Puerto Rico, USA.

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