Maintaining heavy equipment is something that must be done to prevent major problems down the road. The last thing you want on a job-site is non-working equipment. Improper maintenance will shorten the lifespan of machinery, cause it to breakdown frequently, require costly repairs, and slow down your operations. Also, there are workers who die each year due to heavy machinery accidents often caused by non-maintained equipment and improper training. Following these tips might help prevent downtime and injuries.

Used R Us FLT-5610
Used R Us FLT-5610

Tip #1: Always Keep Machinery Lubricated

As a result of this deterioration, the lifespan of the moving parts will be drastically shortened. In order to avoid this slow destruction, earth-moving machinery should be properly maintained, and all moving parts should be well lubricated.

Tip #2: Clean Heavy Machinery Well

Dirt and debris can damage one or more of the parts of the heavy machinery which could necessitate costly repairs. Seals and filters are designed to keep dirt and grime out of sensitive areas. If a seal cracks or breaks, it won’t properly protect the machinery. Filters that are clogged with excess dirt and grime won’t correctly do their job.

Tip #3: Create and Follow a Machinery Maintenance Schedule 

Make a checklist of everything that needs to be regularly maintained and repaired, and then execute on it. By maintaining earth-moving machinery frequently, you will extend its life and increase its performance.

Tip #4: Pay Attention to Wear and Tear

Some common signs of wear and tear are vibration, heat, and belt shape. Fix any issues as soon as they are found so they don’t cause worse problems later.

Tip #5: And Most important; Keep Employees Trained Well!

Without proper operator training, employees could damage the machinery or even injure themselves or others.

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